Maintenance Tips During Summer

Summer is an excellent time to focus on maintaining the exterior of your house, including your lawn and garden. Here are some of the few tips that will help you start with your summer home maintenance.

  • Clean decks, patios and porches. Best time to scrub dirt, molds and moss. Check for peeling paint, damaged roofs and stairs and rotting supports. Check for loose boards or posts that need repairs.
  • Clean dryer vent and exhaust vents. Check if it’s working properly and has no blockage. If you are not sure, you may seek professional help on that part.
  • Check plumbing for leaks
  • Inspect your home’s crawlspace for damages, animals or foreign objects
  • Schedule a maintenance check for your furnace before fall or winter.
  • Be sure to check your air conditioning unit to help ease the summer heat.
  • Clean your refrigerator’s coil. You can seek professional help or check your fridge’s manual for instruction.
  • Inspect your fire extinguisher. Remember that fire is more common during summer because of the hot weather.
  • Clean your garage.
  • Check bathroom grout, as well as in the kitchen. Maintaining it will prolong the life of your tiles and will make it look good.

Repaint exterior walls and roof of your home. It will help in protecting your house from elements and prevent damages.