Easy Home Repairs That Will Save You Money

If you like saving money like most homeowners, then you understand one way of doing this is cutting down on labor costs. Choosing to do some simple DIY repair tasks will not just keep your active, but it can also create bonding time when you do it with your family members. Here are some easy home repairs that will save you lots of cash.

1. Weather-strip

In case you notice light coming from under the door, air is also escaping, and your HVAC bill is rising. On the bright side, such repairs are easy to do. Simply take a few packets of self-adhesive rubber foam, and use it to seal any openings that lead to the outdoors. If the weather-strips are already installed but your energy bill is still high, you ought to replace the previous strips.

2. A quick coat of paint

A new coat in your house will refresh the house. Also, it is quick and easy to do. Don’t stay in dull rooms because you are broke. All you’ve got to do is buy a can of paint, which is quite affordable and then apply the new coat. You might also require some paint brushes, a roller and a painter’s tape.

3. Floor

If you are sick off the old and curling floor, there is no need to keep it. After all, you can easily get rid of the old laminate floor and replace it in a day. In case you are not sure of your tiling skills, you may choose the larger tiles, as they are easy to handle and you only need to lay a few.

4. Feed your lawn

If your yard is mostly grass and only few weeds, you need not hire the expensive landscaper. Simply take a trip to your local hardware store and get the tools required to care for the lawn. You only need a few hours to get your lawn in perfect shape.



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September 7, 2018