How to Solve Clogged Drains in your Home

If you have had to deal with a clogged drain, something that most home owners have been through, then you understand how problematic it can be. Keeping up a regular maintenance routine is a great way of keeping drains clog-free. It will not take you much time or money to carry out these tasks and these tips will make it easier.

Weekly drain maintenance

Once every week, flush hot water down the drain. A large pot of the water is enough, but you should pour it in bits. Once you pour the first half, allow it to rest before pouring in the second half. However simple the practice may seem, it will go a long way in dislodging any debris or grease that could be stuck inside the system.

Monthly drain maintenance

Clean your drains once a month using enzymatic cleaners. The cleansers are ideal for breaking down organic matter that may be in the drains and those that have not made their way down. Enzymatic cleaners are available in most local stores. However, you ought to ensure that you buy a certified brand.

Drains with disposals

In case there is some garbage in the drain system that is blocking water flow, you can unblock it using some orange peels and ice cubes. It is a great remedy to knocking off residue that could be on the disposal blades. Ensure that you slice the peels; as big peels might jam the disposal further. The ice will sharpen the blades and frees the drain of any remnants that might be on the blades.

Seasonal drain maintenance

Ensure you flush your drain using a solution of baking soda in vinegar. After that, run some hot water down that drain. Use half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of vinegar for this procedure. The combination has been found to remove debris, odor and kill bacteria.